WD Photos Stops Indexing: Anything on this issue

Searching this forum it appears this problem goes back a few years without any resolution.

Basically only a (small) subset of my photos are visible on the WD Photos app. It looks like the thumbnail generation just stops after some random point.

I’ve re-booted the MBLD, cleared the cache in the app (Android), etc. but to no avail.

Any fix for this?



Try the “Rescan” or “Rebuilt” option.

Re-scanning and rebuilding take place automatically. You only need to use the buttons if you are having a problem.

Check page #113 of the User’s Manual for more information.


Sorry, still does not work.

The problem seems to be that the miocrawler process always stops before all my pics are transcoded. Rebooting will restart the process, but it always stops.

“Rebuild” will have it start over, but it will always stop well short of completions (latest run stoped about 12K into 31K photos).

What else should I try?

Come on WD how about some motion on this issue?

I have TWO MyBookLive Duo units and this problem presents itself on BOTH of them. Not to mention the fact that if you check this forum out, it appears that others have this problem as well.