WD Photos: Something very strange

I uploaded my photos in MyCloud and I am very sure I have disabled the cloud access. I browsed the photos using WD Photos (android app) through the LAN connection, all is well. Switched my phone to 4G connection, to my surprise, the photos are still accessible, every single one of it!

I thought it must be the cache but the 4G signals suggest the phone was busy downloading (it stopped when I quit the app). I cannot find an explanation. Furthermore I added the SAN in the app through LAN, not Cloud Access. I’m going to scan my router for open ports later. Very strange in deed. Anyone has similar experience?

Thing is, if you disable Cloud access, it should not work LOCALLY, either.

Are you sure it’s actually disabled?

Confirm it is accessible locally even when Cloud Access is disabled. I found the Cloud Access was enabled again for unknown reason. I just switched it to disabled again and I will check again tomorrow. Strange. I was sure it was disabled because I did port scanning just right after to be sure it’s disabled.