WD Photos - photos not viewable after folders moved on PC

Android - 5.0

WD Photos 2.5.0 app

MyBookLive 02.43.09-038 : Core F/W

I’m trying to view the photos from my Android Phone with the WD Photos app.  So i recently moved my files around with my PC on my harddrive.  However when i try to view it on my phone, it still shows the old folder locations.  

I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but it still shows the old folder locations.  I even cleared my cache on my phone.

How do i fix this?

If you’ve moved a lot of material around, it takes a while for the NAS to catch up and re-index everything.

If it hasn’t caught up (or is giving no indication of it) then you can clear the database on the MBL and have it start from scratch.

I think the option in the GUI is like “Rebuild WD 2go server” or something like that.

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Thank you!!! That was a painful process. WD My Cloud App would instantly show the new locations but the WD Photos took forever to update. Wonder why that is. Anyway, I didnt do anything but just played the waiting game. thanks for your help!!!