WD Photos for Windows Mobile?


I am using both WD My Cloud as well as WD Photos on my Android smartphone.

I wanted to get the same for Windows Mobile phones but I noticed that of the pair of applications WD Photos is not available.

Is WD going to issue WD Photos for Windows Mobile?

Jaroslaw Miklasz

Hi Jarek67, this suggestion has already been posted in the ideas section, but it does not have any votes.  


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How many Kudos does it take for WD to produce WD Photos for Windows mobile? If it is about a few, then I can ask sombody to do the job. If it is about a few thousands or hundreds, then I will give up for a while.

Jaroslaw Miklasz

Hi again, note that the development team is aware of this request, but as you can see it is not a popular one. The purpose of the ideas board is for other users to post their suggestion for future updates and product releases.