WD Photos feature request: sync for offline

Hi, I really like WD Photos as a way to display a portion of my 100GB of photos on my iPad and Android phone. That app alone has convinced a few of my friends to also buy WD MyBook at my recommendation. What is missing, however, is one crucial feature. I want to be able to tell the app to preload a series of photos. Right now I have to tap on each one then tap HD. It’s very time consuming and I often get interrupted. Instead, at the folder level, I’d like to tell the app top reload all photos within that folder. It will allow me to show off my photos (and the MyBook’s power) that much faster. Thanks! Jason

You can do that with WD 2go now.

WD 2go renders the full file though it does not render thumbnails. WD Photos renders a transcoded (ie compressed) version of the file by default (this is also why you get thumbnails: they have been pre-rendered by the WD NAS). Choosing HD in Photos will pull the full size file.