WD Photos - Cannot Get Activation Code

I got the updated firmware for my WD TV Hub and downloaded the WD Photos app for my Android 2.2 phone. When I went to start setup, I followed the instructions in the Hub, and when it came time to “Get Code”, I clicked it, only to get no result. It cycled back around to the “Add Mobile Device” screen. I tried this several times and got no code. Please let me know if there is an answer for this; seems odd to introduce a feature then make it difficult for people to use. Thank you.

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I had the same once I update the new FW, also I noticed some other issues, Any how I did the upgrade again from a USB flash and thin things came much better working include getting code.

Give it a try.

We are looking into this.

I can’t get the code either.  I had it working but then it stopped functioning properly.  As I was trobleshooting, I deleted my phone and when I tried to add it again, I couldn’t get a code. I turns out I unknowingly turned off my phone’s 3G mobile data.  I wish I would’ve seen that before I tried to do a delete/add.

I submitted a support request, went through a few things (and mentioned this post) but haven’t found a solution yet.  I even rolled back to the previous firmware then updated again and still can’t get a code.


Are you still experiencing this issue?  We have investigated this problem and were not able to reproduce.


I too cannot get the code either.  I hit “GET CODE” and it hangs and then eventually pops me back out to the + Add Mobile Device screen. 


Trying to connect my iPhone. 



I have a same problem, Cannot Get Activation Code. I try the new firmware reinstall via usb port but “update firmware” icon not inside the menus. I  cannot find the firmware upgrade icon.

Any body help please? Thanks in advance.

Same, the app seems to have issues on android. I just want to share photos from my photo to be hub over a network but with no internet access but its not possible. The build in DLNA media server seems very limited (twonky) and won’t work reliably with twonky mobile…is twonky to twonky doesn’t work then does it have any hope!

Same for me, but it is a iPhone I want to use,
Is there no way to get a code? 

Same problem here with iPod Touch. Tried several things with 3 different support guys with no luck

I’ve uploaded this video of it failing on mine…


There are two delays of exactly 20 seconds each on the box after clicking the “add mobile device” and “get code” options…

I can’t believe both being exactly 20 seconds is a coincidence so maybe someone at WD tech knows what would cause an exact 20 sec delay?

This is particularly annoying as connecting it to the WDTV was one of the reason I bought my ipad, knowing there was an “official” app… :frowning:

i also cannot get codes. Connecting via ethernet to BT Home Hub. Network is working.

Me to, I can’t gat code. No error message, no code. It is a bug. Can you fix it?

Same thing for me.  Added the ipad perfectly a few days ago and now, trying to pair a new unit, i get the cycle back to add mobile device without showing a new code.

Please help.

Note that my firmware was already up to date the day I added the IPAD.  Is this wd tv live hub  is less than a week old.

im having this same issue…already updated to the latest firmware.

was working fine last week added the hub onto my acer tablet but it lost connection to the tablet and i need to get the code again. theres no error msg etc it just cyces back to the add mobile device menu without giving me the code…

anyone had any luck resolving this?

It’s a while ago… But I think that resetting the unit maked back normal and it was then able to give me code again (for both of our unit).

Hi everyone, I had the same error, but fortunaly I cold resolve it with the follow steps:

1.- Select Setup Option

2.- Select System Option

3.- Select Device Reset Option

4.- Select Reset to factory defaul Option (This will delete your configuration to WD default configuration but it don’t delete your data only your configuration)

5.- Select Yes and wait a few minutes

6.- Now, you can Get the activation code for your mobile

7.- You have to configurate your WD TV Live Hub again

8.- Enjoy