WD Photos App - restricted characters in folder name not allowing photos to be shown

Just as an FYI to everyone, especially photographers… I found a bug in the WD Photos app that restricts the ability to view photos in certain folders when some special characters are used.  I specifically found this when moving photo projects to a folder in a share on my MyCloud Mirror using the format “yyyy-mm-dd | short description.”  When sent to the share like that… I can view without issues on my Macbook and can see the folder name in the mobile apps, but when entering the folder, I get an invalid operation error and the “busy” icon/circle just keeps spinning on the parent folders.  As soon as I removed the " | " character, everything worked as normal.  

For WD - please correct the bug in the app OR restrict the ability to add the character directly when creating the folder name on the share.  I wasted an hour figuring that out because of inconsistency in your programming.

Hi there,

Thank you for the feed back, we have passed this along to support.