WD Photos Android app size limitation?

Using the Android version of WD Photos to upload my newly taken pictures & videos to the cloud drive. This morning I ran a very long video of my kids opening presents. The file size was over 3.5 GB. Well it started to upload to the drive and after about two hours, it stopped at 1.99 GB. So I went in and deleted the temp file and it automatically restarted to upload again. Two hours pass and I see it’s stuck at 1.99 GB again.

Is there a size limitation the app can upload? Being 2 GB?

This is on Android 5.0.0 using latest version of WD Photos app.

Side problem, the upload icon isn’t showing up anymore on my phone. I made sure notifications were enabled for the app but it doesn’t show up. This started after updating to the newest version of the app.

To get around my problem, I hooked my phone up to a USB cable plugged into my computer. I then transferred the file to the cloud drive directly in the directory it should have been in. It stopped trying to upload after I did that.

my android tablet = My Cloud app connects to a 5ghz Wi-Fi (2m from 5ghz Wi-Fi) then to my 4TB my Cloud

uploaded fine a 3.5GB video file in = 44min

my WD Photos app also stopped on 2GB with my 3.5GB video file

Yeah I could upload it just fine but I had to do it manually.

The WD Photos app stopped at 1.99 GB both times I tried it when it was doing its automatic upload.

try the My Cloud app - to upload the 3.5GB video file.

i tried WD Photos 4 times stopping at 1.99GB - Even changed the Cache size in settings no luck.

I like how the photos app places the files. It goes by Android account name, then by month, then places the files in the correct month they were taken.

I tried the my cloud app and it just places them in a folder without any sorting what-so-ever.

I rarely have videos over 2 GB so I’m not worried about switching. I just hope they fix this limitation in a future release of the app.