WD photo


Does any one have the same problem as I do. First I had all my pictures in the shared picture map. But when I’m sharing this folder whit any other one they can see all my pictures. So I have made a new map called afbeeldingen. Now wd photo doesn’t see the pictures any more. Does anybody knows how I can see the pictures from this file in the app?

Kind regards,

Stefan wanders

With WD PHOTOS, *ALL* pictures MUST be stored in Public / Shared Pictures.

It will not work with any other share.

I deleted my “shared pictures”, “shared videos”, “shared music” files because I’m an ■■■■■.  My files are under new folders I created “Pictures”, “Videos”, “Music”.

I now realize to view my photos through my app, the pictures need to be in /Public/Shared Pictures.  So I started a new folder called “Shared Pictures” and put some photos in it.  My phone and iPad are still saying there are “no photos found.”

This is a real problem, I am also having an issue when I upload my photos under Public folder! I need to change this path otherwise every one can see my photos.

Please help us to move photos to secure location