WD Photo not using subfolder I want

Hi all,

I’m using WD Photo on my Galaxy S5 and run into the following problem.
I use 3 gmail accounts on this phone.
For example
account2@gmail.com (my preferred)

WD Photo places the photos in a subfolder based on the gmail account in the public share.
I finally managed to have the folder named after account2 by removing account1.
Even on the MyBookLive account2 is the registred one for mobile access.

But … as soon as I add account1 back to the phone WD Photo uses account1 as the folder name for photo upload.
There’s no option available for selecting the subfolder.
Is this folder chosen at random or alphabetically order of the gmail accounts?

And most important … how do I get WD Photo to use account2 as the folder name?

Kind regards,


Hello there,

In order to switch the account you should un-link the email that is currently on the app and log in with the account you wish to use. the option should be under settings.

Hope this helps

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately there is no sign out / sign in option in the app.
I’m login on by selecting it by using the local network logon.

Should I use the logon option instead and is it available if I reset all data?