WD Photo automatic upload to MyBookLiveDou from iphone 5?

I have an Android phone.  When using WD photos from android, after finding the Dou, the app created a directory under each shared folder. Great.  Anytime I am out and taking pictures, video, … when I come back into my home, the phone connects to the home network and uploads all new photos and videos automatically to he Dou.

My wife just got a new iPhone 5, installed WD Photos but it is not automatically uploading pictures/video  I can’t seem to find a way to look at ‘settings’ within the WD Photos app on her iphone, if there is a way.

Is there a way to configure the Photo app on an iPhone 5 to automatically upload photos and video to the duo?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Unfortunately the current version of WD photos for iOS is not capable of this feature.

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That is a total bummer.  Is there a plan to update the iPhone app with this feature?