WD passport wount mount "the underlying task reported failure on exit"

i was using my 500 GB WD passport just under a week old when my battery died my laptop shut down

now i turned on my laptop and plugged in my drive (it powers thru the USB) and it wont mount

Im using mac OSX 10.4.11
i ran disk utility and it recognizes the drive but when i try to mount the partition (its only one partition) it comes up with an error
“the underlying task reported failure on exit”

its FAT 32 formatted can you give me any help please??? 

wd Support said that the os corrupted my file and i needed to “initialize the drive again” but i dont want to lose my files

I don’t know much about Macs but when the battery died it probably corrupted partition information. Check out TestDisk http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk and see if it will help.