WD Passport - Windows 10 - can't open file


My old laptop died on me (running windows 7), but luckily I had all my pictures, music and documents backed up on my WD Passport. I retrieved the docs to another folder on my new laptop running Windows 10, but when I attempt to open them, I recieve an error message “we can’t open this file”.

Any thoughts? I have thousands of pictures on the harddrive that I am attempting to open. Thank you.

Just to add, I copied the picture files to another folder on my desktop, and moved it to the pictures folder on the windows 10 laptop. I still recieved the error message. Please any assistnace is greatly appreciated.

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This might be a permissions issue, please try this and see if it helps:


This will help you take ownership of the files in case of a permission issues. Hope this helps.

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Thank you ArMak. I saw this but it would appear I would have to change each file by itself. Is there another way around it? Thanks.


You can try and do this to the actual folder instead of doing it on every single file, or even the actual drive.

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Thanak you ArMak. Here’s what exactly worked for me:

  1. Right click on folder you are trying to gain access to
  2. Security tab
  3. Advanced
  4. Owner Tab
  5. Change
  6. Advanced
  7. Find Now
  8. Select your profile (I chose administrator)
  9. OK
  10. Click on Permission Entries field
  11. Add
  12. FInd now
  13. Select your profile (I chose Administrator)
  14. OK
  15. Click check box next to “Replace all child permission…”
  16. Click APPLY and OK.

I have this problem and am on Windows 10 but there is no ‘Owner tab’ Any ideas?