WD passport #WDBACX0010BRD not detecting in computer

Can someone …please help me to recover the data!:cry:

Did you try recovery applications already? 

not detected how? at all? not even in disk manager?

if you dont see drive come up in disk manager no software will be able to assist you. Drive would need to be recovered with more complex tools than just downloadable software.

when you connect the drive to computer, you hear it spinning? any clicking, ticking, or buzzing beeping?

Im also having trouble getting my computer to bring up my passport. I’ve tried 3 different comptuers and all the same. they start running but do not bring up the drive in my computer disk manager? The light flashes and it sounds like its running but nothing. It also stated on one computer that the driveres are current. and if I go to safely remove hardware on the tool bar it says thats its there? and I can remove it safely.



yes… not showing in disk management and also i tired in all computer… no…use… 

Passport drive light is  flashing…  but not detecting on computer

Did you get any solution?

i never tired with recovery application …Can you please suggest some applications

If your disk manager does not see the drive, then dont waste your time trying to download tools to recover data. If manager doesnt see it, no software will see it. There are ways to fix those, but they are not DIY ways.

If you need data thats on there you can pm me. This service is not free, so please do not expect it to be.