WD Passport unreadable on Mac

I used my WD My Passport on my MacBook Air before it died and am now trying to use it on my MacBook Pro, I get the following error message:
The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.
However I have tried to recover data by using programs which show me the data is there however I need to pay to recover! Surely I shouldn’t have to pay for this service!!! I have downloaded WD Discovery which is not showing me any data.
Please help!

Try r-studio. It may help.

What a complete and utter scam WD!

WD make lots of Software, Data Recovery Software is not one of them.

whatever Software the OP is using is 3rd Party Software, and not WD’s.

So, WD is not scamming anyone.

And most 3rd party Data Recovery Software is not Free and offer a “Trial” to see if the data is recoverable … and then, to recover the data a payment is required.

I bought the passport to backup my laptop with the understanding I can use it on another if that laptop died which has occurred.
It is not damaged in anyway so to me having to pay to recover my data is a scam.
This sounds like a current occurrence with this product so perhaps WD should look into data recovery software!