WD passport - unable to access my files. Please help!

I used to access my files using WDSync where I used a username and password/passnumber. I had two different users here.  It then asked me once if I wanted to update. I stupidly agreed to the update but have been unable to access my files since then.  WDsync disappeared and although I have downloaded it again from the website, I cannot use my old username and password. It just asked me to create a new profile. 

I have had terrible trouble trying to get support from WDC - no response to email support cases created and telephone support has not worked. Does anyone know how to fix this or at least access the old files so that I can save them and then get rid of this passport.

I really need my files. I think they are still there as it says that 43GB is used.

If you explore the hard drive manually do you see any files?

I don’t see any of my files.  There are two folders, one with my name and one named ‘my profile’ I thought these might be the files I’m looking for but when I open them there are just more folders in there each one is named a letter eg folder 1 is ‘a’, folder 2 is ‘b’ up to ‘t’

I’m really not very good or knowledgeable with all things computer so I’m really stuck!