WD Passport Ultra indicates it has no storage space and will not allow new software uploads or proper back-ups (should be 1.8 TB of space left)

My WD Passport Ultra, Driver Version 10.010586.0, Drive Utilities Version indicates that it only has 2.9 MB of free space left. My desktop PC–Intel Core Processor–64 bit operating system–recently upgraded to Windows 10–indicates it has 1.3 TB of free space. Both indicate that they have 1.8 TB total. I believe the problem is because the WD Passport Ultra indicates it has 1.6 TB of additional files. I have not been able to determine what these additional files are. Are they the cause for having no space left for back-up?. My PC indicates it has 279.65 GB data for back-up. My Passport Ultra indicates it has 186.63 GB of data for back-up. It also indicates that 93.02 GB of files are not backed up. GB ratings for Documents, Mail, Movies, Music, Other and Pictures are the same for both my PC and Passport Ultra. The Passports File History Setting is set to 1 (one). Previously, it was set to 4. Drive Utilities tests for Quick Smart Status, Quick Drive Test and Complete Drive Test all passed. The disk defragmenter tool did not help my situation. Today, I also noticed that protection settings for my PC C drive is on but, Recovery Image D and My Passport G are off. I am very new with PC’s. Please advise how to free up space for storage on my WD Passport Ultra… Thank you so much…Shirles

Hello there,

Normally additional files refer to files that have been copied to the drive without the backup software. If you have not copied any files to the drives manually or using a different software, then i suggest trying to save any information you only have on this drive and then after you do this, try to reformat the drive (this will erase all the information on the drive, so this is why i suggest saving what you only have on the drive) and then start the backup from scratch.