WD Passport Ultra File Name/Types Once Transfer from PC to WD Passport

I just recently transferred everything onto my WD Passport Ultra. But I noticed it does not do as my previous external drive has done. With my old one a .jpg would look just like would on my pc in any my folders and say its a jpg and a jpg file would say for instance Sunset.jpg. However when i transferred my files every file type added ‘566b9d03’ to name of file and changed file type from saying jpg file or ifranview jpg file to ‘JPG566B9DO3’. Also it adds to each folder files that 1kb in size that say the file name like sunset.jpg and then adds in caps to it LAST. What gives why does it do this? Also it does let me once on the WD Passport lets me rename the file and type to what it should be but i have to go to each file to do so which will take days. Did I forget a step before transferring? Or need to uncheck something?

It seems you are using an automatic backup application that uses a particular file structure. If you copy and paste your files directly into your WD Passport Ultra instead of using the automatic backup application your files will behave as you expect.