WD Passport Stopped Working - Requires Re-format

The External HD WD 3200 does not allow access and requires I do a reformat. HD spins up and lights work but cannot access files. I have tried different computers with Windows 7 and 10. Also tried different power cable. Reformat will delete all the files. Is there anyway to recover the files on the drive? Please Help

How do you know drive needs a re-format – did you see a message that it does?

Maybe all it needs is a scan. Google to find out how Windows can scan your disk for errors and try that first. No, once formatted files are gone.

Yes on Windows 7 machine message says to re-format.

On other machine with Windows 10 can see drive letter in windows explorer but it never opens up. Little spinning icon (on computer) just keeps spinning. Hard drive spins and lights are flashing on the passport but files never open up. Cannot scan the drive.
I will see if I can scan the drive on the Windows 7 machine.

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I suggest you contact WD Support by PHONE, and get some assist. Don’t know if they are open for calls on weekend. This problem does not sound good to me. Good luck.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have 4 WD Passport Ultra’s connected to my home theater and of course the one with my most rare and favorite movies has stopped working. It also lights up, spins, and is not recognized by any device or Windows Version. However, after digging into my PC history folder I noticed some strange activity uploaded by a remote host. It may be a virus. Let me know if you are able to resolve. Best of luck!