WD Passport secured with Smartware password, router access

I have several Passport hard drives and a My Book and never had a problem locking them with a password using the Smartware software.  I usually would install the software on my computer, setup the hard drive’s password, then uninstall the smartware from the computer.  Upon plugging in the drive, a password request would pop up, even without software installed.  It worked great because it didn’t matter what computer I plugged it into - it needed a password.

I’m looking to buy a router that allows external hard drives to be connected with an included USB port (leaning toward the Asus RT-N66U) so I can wirelessly access it through the router.  I would like to know if I can set a drive password and have a router access it?

I know I could just not set a password because the hard drive would be staying in my house connected to the router, but I’m worried about if someone broke in and stole the drive.

Follow-up question:  If this is not possible with the passport drives, does Western Digital offer a different model drive that does offer password security that will work with a media router?  Thanks for any help/advice.

AFAIK you will need to disable security to work of the router

you can get a My Book Live to work with the router and create private shares for the data you want to restrict access