Wd passport problem

Hi, first time poster. Had my Passport for around 18months and never a problem, was watching a film off it through the tv the other day and it worked just fine. Yesterday I connected it to my tv and it came up but when I selected a film to view it switched off my tv, tried again and it did exactly the same thing. Connected it to my mac and it doesn’t even show up on desktop or disk utility, it’s not making any strange noises and the lights are working as normal. Any body have any idea of what the problem could be? The cable looks fine but I’ve ordered another one to check just incase but that won’t be here till next week, thanks in advance for any help you may be able to give me

Seems like the passport is drawing too much power from the USB

You could endup corrupting the partition if the drive keep doing this

try checking with the TV people to see if any info about this problem

the drive will work fine with your Mac or PC 

The drive doesn’t work fine on my mac, I already mentioned in my opening post that it doesn’t show up on my desktop or disk utility. It’s nothing to do with the tv, my Sandisk 2GB USB stick works just fine on the tv. The HDD is the problem

Wait for the other cable then

if still does not work the drive needs to be replaced 

Would I be able to save my items from it or will they be gone? Is there anyway to fix it if it is not the cable? Thanks

New cable arrived today but still have the same issue, seems strange how the light still works and the HDD sounds as if it’s working. Any idea on what to do now? It’s in warranty till 2013 according to WD site, I guess I’ll have to return it but is there anyway to recover the files from it? Thanks