WD Passport not recognized

I’ve read majority of the posts, as far as a passport not being recognized.  I’ve tried all the cable tricks and they did not work.  Seems that this little board inside that connects the drive to the cable goes bad.  So, my choice was to send it away to recover the data for $100 or try a few things on my own as I learned from several YouTube stuff and lots of reading here.  So, I opened the case, carefully, some of the little ears came off, but so what, the data is more important.  I removed the little board from the drive, I had just recently bought a new 1T drive that came with the connector and cable, (the new ones have the connector board outside of the case) as with the new drives, the little board is part of the connector and with the cable.  So, I plugged in the new connector, to my old drive, plugged in the USB and VOILA, it was recognized and works.

So, in summary, yes maybe your cable goes bad, etc etc, but it seems this little board inside the old passports goes bad, so take it apart, use a new cable and connector and you can recover your data and still use the drive.

Thank you to all the guys that post suggestions out here, they are always very helpful.  Thanks.

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Thank YOU for sharing your solution!! Cheers mate!! :smiley: