WD Passport not allowing access


I have a 1TB WD Passport on Windows and it’s been working fine for about a year.

I use it every day and store all data on it.

Plugged it in this morning and nothing happens.

When I go into it in devices and printers in the control I get the following message:

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Any ideas how to resolve this?


In that case you can try plugging the drive in a different computer, if works please backup all the info just in case something happens, then you can try looking for different drives, uninstalling the drives for your my passport and installing them once again. Try that, if not we can look for something else.

I’ve tried it in another PC and I can access the Passport.

It says I do not have administrator access to one particular folder.  This was not password protected or anything like that.  Any ideas?

Why don’t you right click on the folder, go to properties and check that you can read an write, then go to security and where it says ‘‘to change permissions click edit’’ click there, and check if the permissions are set as Allow or Deny, if on Deny unmark all of them and set the preferences as allow, all of them. Tell me if works.

Thanks for that,

All are set to allow already for Group or username Everyone.

I checked Creator Owner and these were not set to allow so I have ticked all, Apply and it said it could not do it.

I have followed the same process and now when I go into properties, security it is straight to the you do not have permission as this compauter is not an administrator??

Try just clicking continue each time that message appears on your screen, close everything and try to access the folder, if you can access it copy all the info into another folder, tell me if that works, and, is that happening just in that specific folder? Or in some others? can you check at the permissions in the other folders and set the same on that one?

That’s got me into the folder.

Thanks you.

I’ll copy and paste everything I need onto another hard drive and then see if we can fix the HD passport on my actual notebook.

Thanks for your help Saborio

You’re welcome, I;m glad that I could assist you in solving your problem.

I backed everything up onto a new 2TB WD Passport and ran the software from that onto the notebook.

It seems to work now and I can unlock the folders as I find them.

Thanks for your help

You’re welcome.