WD Passport mood swings


My WD passport is having mood swings. sometimes I can connect just perfectly fine and other times i can’t connect and it just appears as local disk f:. when this happens I try connecting it to another laptop and it appears the same and as I keep trying, finally it will work. Why the sudden change? I bought new cables too. Same thing. doesnt solve it. Its 1TB and I have so much in it. It just doesn’t seem all so reliable now. Been using it for two years. Please help with this. Thanks!!


Does this happens in every computer that you test the unit? If so, try getting all the files out of the drive and write zeros to it, it might be getting corrupted.

Also test the unit with the DLG tool

Hi. I can’t run the DLG test. It freezes. Everything sort of freezes when i plug it in during the time when it cant be read. Yes it happens to all the computers but at the same time, after trying awhile it goes back to normal. Currently I can use it now but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna get problematic again soon.

Hi, be sure to connect the USB cable directly to the PC and that the USB cable is no longer than 18 inches. You can run a test with DLG, if the test completes successfully, backup your files and format the passport, if not replace it. 


Formatting doesn’t work. I tried it loads of time in the past and the problem persists. Think I’ll get it replaced. Thanks!