WD Passport fell on floor

Hi all,

My WD passport drive fell on the ground and stopped working. After connecting it to computer, the blue light turns on and stays on and during the first 6 seconds of connection it makes a strange noise (like old computers trying to write to a floppy drive). Then it makes a ding-dong bell sound and NOT followed by autoplay. The strange noise goes away after the ding-dong. The drive letter or file contents are not visible under “my computer” or windows explorer. There are a number of files that I need from the drive-silly me forgot backup couple of weeks ago when computer crashed. The drive itself is not important. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It’s probably dead unless you get professional data recovery and have deep pockets.


My WD Passport fell on floor. And  when connected to my laptop it dosen’t  come up in the my computer folder the white light in the drive lights up. Sometimes the light goes on blinking . Sometimes the WD home page  opens with a message " your drive need to be formatted" with  OK and NO options. When I click Ok  the message comes " it Cannot be formatted"  90 percent of the drive has back up. However I want to have the files I last saved. Can I retrive the files? Can anybody suggest a way out?