WD Passport Essential Not Displaying On My Computer But On Device Manager

Hello Everyone I’m new to this forum and so I need a bit of help, My WD Passport Essential has had a slight problem everytime I try to connect it this comes up as seen on the image, It appears on the Device manager, but not on My Computer, it installs and allows me to eject it but to no avail, I have tried to use different cables and different USB sockets to help but again nothing, I then went and tried on various other computers including Mac Os and again nothing, Im quite worried as I have many University and film projects on the HDD, please if there is any way to get the data back or try and make my computer recognize me could you please help.

You may try using a data recovery software, like Testdisk or Recuva.  If the drive is not detected by software you may try with a data recovery specialist.