WD passport drive not working after accepting password

yesterday ni i was recovering dat from one of my laptop hard drive to my Passport drive 500 GB …dat was almost 160 Gb … avilable space in drive was 177 GB … During the process i was shifting my Laptop when passport drive fell down while attached to laptop and dat was being recovered, passport drive fell down from bed on caret nothing broken nothing happened… i didnt check anythign and went to sleep. in the morning when i tried to tur on my drive… it is not being turned on…

Now when i connect it to laptop and unlock window from passport drive unlock sofware open … accepts password but after i give paassword it use to go in hybernation and after even 2 … 3 hours drive not dipayed … light is on sound coming from drive… i checked it on othewr laptop… same problem… i have very very very importanat dat in it… plz advice how i can use it…an urgent response shall be solicited plz

Even when something did not broke on the outside the drives partition could get corrupted from dropping the drive.

Make sure to try some standard troubleshooting provided on the following link:

WD external drive is not assigned a drive letter by Windows or Mac OSX and data on the drive is inaccessible