WD Passport does not load unlocker application unless on administrator account

Hi all,

I have an WD Passport which the security mode enabled.  I am unable to load the unlock exe when under a standard user account.  It works just fine as an administrator.  System is Win 7 64-bit.   Anybody know the reason why?


Have you erase any of the utilities on the Drive?

What’s the model number for your drive?

I haven’t tried the latest unlocker, but in earlier versions there was a problem of permissions due to the poor coding of the Unlocker. When a standard Windows user account connects a locked drive and launches WD Drive Unlock.exe (prompt pops up in AutoPlay), UAC (User Access Control) elevation occurs and the administrator password is required. That is a the fault of the WD programmers - they should not require Admin permissions to do a simple drive unlock when the correct password is entered.

Perhaps your issue is related to that.

So newer versions of the unlocker can be installed on the Passport? Having this issue at work computer as I am not the admistrator.