WD Passport causes system reboot

I seem to be having quite a problem with my 500 gb Western Digital My Passport Exernal Hard Drive. The first time I plugged the hard drive in, it brought up Microsoft wizard and the setup was not completed. When I went to plug in the external the second time, it connected but within 5 seconds there was a blue screen that said BAD_POOL_HEADER. This message only stays up for about a second and then the computer would restart. If you left the external plugged in, after the computer logged into a name, the system would reboot again. I tried it with 4 other computers and it worked fine with all of them. Why is my computer not allowing for the external to boot up. I have a 2005 Compaq nx6110 (HP) Intel Celeron M Laptop. One of the other computers I tried was a more equipped version of my computer and it worked fine there too. Any ideas?

Same thing has happened to me today. Got it out the box, plugged it in and got the blue screen treatment,

then the PC crashed.

Totally useless.

What is even weirder is that on the 4 other computers i tried it on, it worked perfectly. I wonder if it just certain models of the computers. Either way, somebody from WD needs to look into that and fast because i’d like it if i could back up all that information.

What systems are you guys using?  And are any of you using addin Sata cards?

I have 2 different computers, a Dell Desktop and a Toshiba laptop.  Both run XP Professional.  Every time I plug in my Passport hard drive, it reboots the computer.  Any suggestions?

This sounds like could be related to the VCD.  Check out the link below and see if that helps.

Answer Title: My PC crashes with a BSOD when installing a WD (+ SmartWare) external drive on a system running Sonic DLA

Answer Link: http://wdc-es.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wdc_es.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=3818