WD Passport Back up issue


I have a problem with a WD My Passport External drive.

I use a lot of diskspace and my laptop has a small HD (C: Drive) so I use an external 500GB HD as my main drive. I have it renamed as B: through Disk Management and it works perfectly on my system.

I want to back up the B: drive to another external drive so I bought a 500GB WD My Passport External drive. I have installed it pnto my conputer (Vista) and tried to backup my B: drive. However when you open the WD Backup software that came with the WD My Passport it doens’t recognise the B only the C drive. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the WD software where I can select the files/drives that I want to back up. It’s either the C: drive or nothing by the looks of things. Surely there must be a way of selecting what fiels you want to back up?

Would anyone have any idea why this is? I did a similar backup with another drive before but it was with a different WD HD and software.

ANy help appreciated.

Can anyone help me please??


More info:

I use the OS on my C: drive and all software etc is on the C: drive. I am a photographer so I have a large collection of images and they are stored on an external drive which I have renamed B:. This is attached to the PC all the time. I now need to back up this drive.

I had the exact same configuration previously where I had renamed the external A: and I used a WD (can’t remember the exact model) to back it up without any issues. They are both now full so I am trying to do the same thing again but have renamed the new external as B (as all the photo editing programs need to have a location to find pics so I can’t call it A again)
However on this occasion the WD that I bought to use as a backup (WD My Passport) won’t recognise the B drive, only the C and D (Recovery)

Any idea why this is or how I can get it to work?

In the Home tab of Smartware, you are able to select which drive you want to backup.  You will see the (C:) drive selected in the drop down box directly under the Computer Name at the top left.  Click this, and you should be able to select your drive.  Please keep in mind that the software was designed to back up internal drives.  Also please ensure you are on the latest release of the software (

Hi Brandon

I just got an email from support. Turns out that Smartware doesn’t recognise external drives so I have to use third party software to back up my drive!!