WD Passport 2TB doesn't work with Vizio TV but my WD Passport 1TB will

I have a WD Passport 1TB that has all of my movies on it. I wanted to upgrade to upgrade to a 2TB Passport so I could let someone else use my 1TB Passport and have access to my movies. They are both identical in settings. Both MBR, both NTFS and both are using the same driver. My laptop reads them both fine, but my Vizio TV will only read the 1TB Passport and nothing happens when I plug in the 2TB Passport the TV doesn’t even recognize anything is plugged into the USB input.

After messing around a bit, I found that the 2TB Passport will work with my Vizio TV when formatted to FAT32. It won’t with exFAT or NTFS. My 1TB Passport works just fine with my Vizio TV being NTFS.

How am I supposed to use a 2TB hard drive with FAT32? I won’t be able to copy all my files from my 1TB Passport to the 2TB Passport as I know there are some movies on it that are larger than 4GB, although I have no idea which ones.

My TV manual states that the USB function doesn’t work with external hard drives, even though it does with my 1TB Passport. Nor does it make any mention of a size limit for USB devices. I am starting to think maybe there is some type of restriction with my Vizo TV where it will read up to 1TB in the NTFS file format and formatting to FAT32 will allow it to read a 2TB external hard drive, but as I’ve mentioned, that restrictions me to 4GB or less for moving files and that would restrict me.

My Vizio TV is a D50X-G9 in case that information helps.

Anyone have any ideas that could help me in my situation or should I just return the 2TB Passport and get another 1TB Passport and hope that works? It’s just I know that I’m eventually going to max this out and I would like to have more space, but if a 1TB external hard drive is all I can use I guess I’ll have to live it it as I really don’t feel like buying a different TV just so it can read the 2TB hard drive.

Sounds like your Vizio TV is very limited with external hard drive support

If you are only wanting to use the hard drive for media playback on the TV (Movies, Photos,Music etc)

an external Media Player connected to the TV via HDMI will have better support.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 for all my HD Media playback … can use all my hard drives with it without any issues. eg. 4TB My Passport Ultra (NTFS,GPT), 2TB Elements Portable (exFAT,GPT) all work fine.

Also, i have a Panasonic 4K UHD/HDR TV which will work with all my above mentioned hard drives as well. Only use the TV for 4K / H.265/ 10Bit / HDR files on external hdd.