WD Online Store Purchasing Problem

Hello, I am trying to purchase the WD Black WD10JPLX 1 TB internal mobile hard drive for laptop on WD online store. I am putting all the information including my DEBIT card information. Once i click “Place My Order” , this message pops up “Payment Authorization Failed”. I tried different card but same result. I am stuck. I just don’t get it. why it is being any harder than it is already to purchase this on WD online store. I have used this debit card before. I called the bank and there is no problem, the card is active and have enough balance to spend, the numbers i put is right but I can not place the order. No I don’t use Paypal or I don’t want to do some other eccentric actions such as wire transfer either since there is credit card option and i choose to pay directly from the card which will be less hassle and straight forward. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I recommend you contact WD Store Customer Support Phone: 1-877-934-6972