WD online store education australia

Hi. We have 3 My Book Studio ext drives going - All great, quiet, no problems and Carbon Copy Cloner backup compatible. BUT can I buy another via the Australia online education store?, 3 days now and the same non responsive page, a phone call just got an flat “the site’s down”. Any diversion takes you to the US/Eu stores. If the webpage is down please put a NOTICE on it, it you have withdrawn the Au Edu store then please SAY SO. I will give it one more shot on Monday then go for another Brand. Great product but poor online customer policies and procedures.


We have passed this along to support. Someone will contact you soon.

Many thanks for the personal reply - unusual these days and most impressive.
I’ll wait for a call. My wife is the end purchaser with an account

it is cool


It’s frustrating not to get any response from the Australia online education store. A simple notice about the issue would be helpful. Meanwhile, have you considered checking out ‘Takavi Tutors’ for your online education needs? They might offer a refreshing alternative. Best of luck in finding the right solution!