WD Not picking up HD and once picked up movies hanging

I have previously been using my WD elements HD successfully with my WD live, in last two days for some reason the WD tv is not wanting to pick up the USB storage each time i have to unplug it from the wall and restart. When it eventually picks up the USB when i click on a movie it just hangs and dose not play, i have tried different movie formats .VOB .MKV and .MP4 and the same thing happens. So in short for some reason i can not use the WD live TV currently??

have you checked the HD and associated cable work when plugged into a PC? This sounds suspiciously like a hard ware issue rather than software.

Yes checked all cables. Reset the WD TV and seem to be working a little better although seems very slow. 

find it quite strange as it seems to only have started happening once i converted some .VOB files to .m4v would it be possible that a file is corrupted and causing this?

Yes always possible. Not clear from your reply if you have properly used the HD linked directly to a PC.

This remains sounding like either hardware problem or disk is currupted somehow.

I’m having the same problem and it’s with two different external hard drives so I’m almost positive it’s the WD TV itself. Can’t play any files. The WD TV reads the discs but once I select a video it just hangs on that spinning blue circle.

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Did it ever play any files or did it used to play files and now has stopped?  Some videos can cause this behavior (particularly some bad MKV files) and, once this happens, the only way to get the Live working again is to reset AND unplug from power for a while (at least 10 minutes but longer is better).  And then, of course, to not play these files again.