WD not access all folders in Linux Server / get info does not show in options

Hi all very new to this WD. Here’s my setup and issues:


* Linux running Ubunto 11.10

* 2 Ext HD with Multiple Folders ( IE MOVIES / TV SHOWS )

* 2 Int HD with Multiple Folders


  1. some of the folders cannot be accessed , err msg " There is no media in the current folder ". the old thing is both folders are on the same ext hardrive

  2. when i select a movie and select options i do not get the option to get content into

i know what the problem is i’m not sure how to fix it:

When I do showmount  -a

the ip address for the folders I cannot access are not assigned to the wd.

I.E. is correct is set to the wrong IP I tried to fix in the /etc/exports but i was unsuccessfull