WD Network Drive - problem with video conversion

Hi guys,
I am working in small studio and we have huge problem with conversion through ProCoder.

We bought new networkdrives WD ShareSpace 4GB.

I set up a conversion watch folders etc. but the conversion is not working from these drives. I also set the rights to access everyone. I visit the drive, I can copy to the drive, I can delete on this drive, I can make this drive as target folder for conversion but AS SOURCE FOLDER IS THIS DRIVE NOT WORKING.

Does somebody have the same problem ?? Or do you have some tips?
from another network drives on servers is conversion working

Windows 7 Pro 64 (but thats not problem - conversion is working fine but not from WD ShareSpace)
Drive WD ShareSpace 4 TB RAID
V. of procoder 3.5.91

Thx for every tip I am completely lost (maybe its problem in drive rights - but i cant change them through widnwos :frowning: and in the administration they are set to public!!)

I don’t know the ProCoder software, but have you verified that it is compatible with network locations? I’ve seen some programs that will refuse to recognize a network drive even if it has been assigned a drive letter.  Since you can manually access the data on the drive, it’s almost definatly a software issue. If ProCoder has a forum you may also wish to ask there as well.