WD needs to resolve the N900 connection issue

After a couple of monthes using N900 fine, the router became unstable and gets disconnected to internet every single day. A reboot is reuqired in order to get it working again. I’m so fustrated the way the product works. By reading the fourm and many other fourm postings, it is obviously a router design flaw with driver issue. WD should face the issue directly and fix the driver issue ASAp as many users have been experiencing this problem for a long time. This is a good product when it works but a really pain when it does not. As a company wirh great success in its storage product, it should not ignore the serious concequency of not taking care of the bad product., therefore, WD should take the lead to help address the issue ASAP.

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Since the unit was working properly for a couple of months, try to see if you can do a reset on the unit, also try to reload the firmware on the unit by downloading the firmware the support site and then do a normal manual update.

Here is a link that might help with the reset process:


You can download the firmware and also try the roll back from this link:


my router is doing the same thing, disconnects constantly and will not hold a connection to any of my tablets or xbox live services.