WD Needs to redo how it scans drives

This scan is a complete mess. Eats up the CPU 100 takes weeks to complete. No way to shut it off from the dashboard without SSH into the device. Seems randomly rebuild it self with no changes to the drive. Resetting also seems to make the scan start all over again if its in the middle of a scan. So currently I am having trouble logging into the device it says I am already logged in. My guess is a reboot would solve that but it if I do that what every progress in the past week of the scan I have a feeling will be lost. Far as I can tell on the Mirror there is no place to tell how far along it is at scanning on the Mirror since the block on the dash has been replaced by apps. Why when there is a whole tab in the dashboard for apps? Something that was useful replaced with just displaying the number of apps seems pointless. This problem is on the Single bay MyCloud and doesn’t seem much better on the Mirror except finally the dashboard doesn’t seem to crawl as bad while its going on. Except when first logging on. It’s nice to have sleep feature that never gets to be used cause of scanning 24/7 to build thumbnails that are not even in use cause I have the remote features disabled and dlna disabled. So tell me why do you need to scan all my files? Why is there not a simple on/off switch in the dashboard after all these years of people complaining?

If you just wait then the log-in will timeout and you’ll be able to access again. It’s just that you can’t log into the MCM dashboard from multiple machines at once (at least with the same user ID) and you need to either ensure you log out when you’re done or if you lose connection wait for it to time out.

That said I don’t disagree that a limitation on CPU usage for scanning (and apps like the anti-virus add-on) would make sense as it can screw up dashboard access. Or at least make the dashboard (webserver) have priority over such CPU uses to prevent the crawl and non-responsiveness. Indeed it has been proposed a few times before (including by me).

It’s also another example of the need to ensure that any services that you don’t use are turned off, to maximise CPU usage efficiency.

It took 2 hours to finally time out and it was being accessed from the same machine. Weird since I think the highest timeout setting is only like 30 minutes and default I think is even less like 1-5 minutes can’t remember.

I think I seen a post on the EX2 forum it does turn those services off if you have the remote cloud stuff turned off. I don’t see why after a so much time they wouldn’t have done the same for all models. You think they would make the single bay My Cloud do the same as it would cut down on so many complaints of the dashboard being unresponsive. You are right tho it needs more than a off/on switch. It should work alot smarter than it does. It should not be rebuilding itself when nothing has changed on the drive. The dashboard should get higher priority so it doesn’t slow down while scans are going on. It should be smart enough that if I reboot is needed to start where it that was cause right now it seems to start scanning from the beginning all over again. Also why remove a good feature from the lower end My Cloud completely and not keep it in the nicer models? You could at least get a ruff idea how much more till it was done scanning. At first I thought it was just moved but after looking at all settings it seems to just not be there.

The MCM doesn’t scan if you have the web access turned off (my own device has this configuration). It’s only when the web access is enabled that things are scanned for thumbnails etc (the one that takes a lot of the time) and when DLNA is enabled (for the movie library scan).

You can go into the cloud ideas section and find some of these previously made suggestions and support (like) them and add comments. Or if you have additional ideas, post them and maybe they’ll get included as a feature update in later firmwares.

Mine still scans even with web access off. The only way I was able to get it to stop was SSH and turned back on after rebooting. So is that a bug? should it be shutting down those services like the EX2. It there a way to disable them like the MyCloud? The stop command worked but I think when I tried the disable one it didn’t.

I just turned web access off again to test and I still see wdmcserver eating up 70-90% of the CPU.

I seen the cloud ideas forum feels dead / ignored most have 0 likes even tho I have seen many request for those features in other parts of the forum. some have around 50 likes that are about 2 year old requests so doesn’t give much hope of the idea turning into something getting added

Which services do you still have enabled? For example are the iTunes server or the DLNA server active? Those will also eat up CPU whilst they index stuff and get their databases in order.

As to the ideas section - I know what you mean but there is stuff there that does get picked up and implemented, especially the more liked and in some cases more repeated stuff. But not everything does, as it’s either not practical or just not possible to do. But as many people here either don’t know it exists at all (hence why I was trying to promote it a bit) or just come here to get answers or advice to specific issues and then leave again once they’re done, then it can be a bit quiet too.

ITunes is off also dlna is off. I did have another question how long does it normally take to sleep with everything off. I don’t think I have ever seen it sleep except the one time I SSH into it and manually turnned off wdmcserver

There’s a bug in the current firmware which seems to stop the unit sleeping (the LEDs don’t turn off), although the drives themselves do if you set it up in the dashboard (or at least they appear to as they take a little while to wake up and respond after a long idle time).

I wonder if your experience with wdmcserver could be a manifestation of that.