WD NAS OS5 ultimate feedback

Hello. To be honest, I am extremely disappointed. As in this OS update to version 5, and your unwillingness to delve into and solve the problems caused by this. Perhaps I was extremely quick to praise you for this update. In fact, its only plus is the acceleration of the responsiveness of the web interface, and then only solid cons and problems surfaced that made the current work with the NAS an unbearable pain.

NAS has become practically unusable, except if you leave it just as a files trash storage and do not use any other functions.

The functionality of version 3 was not perfect, but at least
somehow usable. With the 5th version, you finished off the NAS to an almost non-usable state …

  • For some reason, removed the convenient built-in file manager …

  • It became impossible to adequately and quickly move files between different folders in the root directory. The functionality of the mobile application or website that was intended to replace this feature does not work properly and does not allow doing this. Moreover, you generally do not want to somehow delve into this problem and solve it. Moreover, your community has already accumulated a lot of complaints about this - MyCloud EX2 Ultra OS 5 - Move files between different shares - #15 by Kivlov

  • For some reason, you added a separate mandatory password to launch the Torrent client. Now every application and every sneeze will require a separate password and authorization? To get to a torrent client or another application, I should now enter 10 passwords ?! What kind of nonsense is this?

  • For some reason, you forward these separate passwords issues to support directly these third-party applications, although this is your OS and your authorization system. Naturally, they do not know anything and will not be able to help. They didn’t even answer - Transmission embedded in WD NAS problems - Transmission

PS: I’m already tired of fighting with you and your device. When I bought a NAS, I did it to increase my productivity and convenience for work/rest. But clearly not to endlessly struggle with the mocking flaws and problems of this device. And even more so, not to fight with your technical support, who does not even want to delve into the essence of the problems, but only to get rid of the annoying client.

P.P.S .: I regret every day and every $ spent on your storage device. It would be better if I overpaid right away and took Synology instead of your laggy noisy NAS, which, moreover, has become almost not usable at all and is more suitable for torturing than for work. I already ordered a Synology DS220 +. I hope I can quickly sell your device and forget it like a bad dream!

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Thanks for reporting the issue regarding the Transmission App password special character issue.