WD N900 Router

Is there a way to hook up an external antenna?

Short answer = NO.  If you are electronically inclined, you could crack the case open, void the warranty, and play with the internal chips.  I doubt there are any significant improvements that can be made.

The 5GHZ range is low to begin with, and wifi distance is a function of broadcast power.  With focusing the wifi like a laser beam, one cannot improve range without cranking up the power to the chips.

I would suggest an alternative router with external antennas if you desire.  Or go the corporate router with a real powerful amplifier and antenna kit.  They make serious wifi AP’s with some real power, but open up the wallet!

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Thanks so much. Since this is an additional router I wanted with 7 ports, I will turn my Netgear WNDR 4000 into an access point.



I am thinking about buying an N900 to act as an Access Point out in the living room to replace an Engenius ECB9500 AP. I already have a consumer grade NetGear switch – with all four ports used – that sits in the living room at the end of a longish run of Cat5e to feed the various boxes there.

So the seven-port configuration was appealing.

I wanted to add one or more storage devices out there. A low-end crude kind of NAS to back up files I create here in my photography office. The current AP box works really well providing internet access in the whole front of the house. So maybe I’d be better off hooking a MyCloud, MyBook, or Synology NAS to the ports on the Engenius AP., made for that AP task.

Just short on ports in the Living Room!

I am no expert but the WD N900 should make a very good access point. Having seven ports is why I was interested in it. I use a network so my printers and backup drives are RJ45. I believe that the blue USB 2.0 would also work for an additional external backup drive.

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