WD N900 Router Question


I purchased a WD N900 router to replace my other WD N600 router, I have the N900 in my room as the main router. I have the WD N600 in the living room acting as acccess point, long story short, I having very slow wireless download speeds and I have tried everything I can in the router settings with no luck, wired download speeds wireless devices work just fine.

Any help appreciated.

Do you have poor wireless speed when connecting to 5 Ghz band?

Check the following article and see if it will help you:

Having a Wireless 802.11g legacy device in the network downgrades the speed of the entire network


Thanks for the reply. After trying many solutions, the last thing I did was to set the wireless speed to 802.n only  with no luck,  then I reset my samsung tablet (which had the download speed problem) and is working fine now. Another thing is that this is the second WD N900 router I have, I returned the first because the bottom fan of the first router was not working. The second N900 router, which I’m using now the fan doesn’t work also, can this router work without the use of the fan? I noticed there are ventilation holes at the top and I want to know if by taking out the plastic cover from the top of the router can increase ventilation enough to use the router without a fan.

Any help appreciated.

The fans on all N900 routers do not spin by default.  They are temperature controlled and do not even start spin up until 40+ Deg C internal board/cpu temperatures.  I have never seen my spin in two years, even while punishing the router.  Early firmwares seemed to be heat sensitive per users (myself included), but this idea was busted by WD.  I am on latest firmware with no issues and rock solid stable when not using my forced air cooling setup.  If you are bored, setup a laptop cooler underneath the N900 or make a small fan base using a couple of small fans.  I see no point in additional cooling as long as the router is sitting on a hard surface and has plenty of open air around it.

Thanks, I was starting to get worried. The other thing is my torrent dowload speeds are slow on my tablet or the sd card in it , I have tried many settings but none seem to work. As of now I have reset the N900 router to the default settings. I have the recently purchased N900 on my room as the main router and my N600 on the living room connected with ethernet cable as an access point, but torrent speeds on my phone seem to work ok  if you have any settings to recommend, it would be helpful.

Thanks for the reply.