WD N900 : impossible to change IP Address of router


trying to sort one problem after hte orther because I want this to function correctly : it’s 7 Gigabit ports are a feature that would make it  THE choici if I would manage to get it to work :slight_smile:

So here’s the first one…

Quick question : as someone been able to change the IP address of the WD router ? the feature tio change it exists, not a problem and I know where to find it. 

But if I change the address (i.e. : from to it says : “rebooting router” but, one the router has rebooted, I can whatever I want, I can’t access the address I’ve indicated. A PING also fails… so the router has gone until I have reset it to it’s defaut values. 

Anyone else with this problem ? Anyone successful using that feature ? 




Just replying to myself. 

Well it works but I’ve found out that all routers do not work the same way. 

I have 2 routers. The first one is provided by my ISP and includes a DSL modem. It uses the as it’s own IP Address and serves other devices over DHCP using the to range. 

Some routers have no problems being assigned an address outside this range, like, i.e. and serve over DHCP using the to range. 

Some others are not… and the WD belongs to the latter.

This is why I could not configure it…

Not a problem, I can also do with the address for the N900 :slight_smile:

I of course then need to change some wired connections to be able to have all the devices to be able to “cross-talk” together, but this solves the problem.

So, this first problem is solved !



my n900 works on the subnet but i use static ip addresses .

I have found if you change the routers ip and use dchp, i would reboot to get the new dchp ip.

Another thing to watch out for is if youre using a another router as wireless point with dchp on ,you might find youll be getting the ip address from that one.

This happend to me with my asus rt-56 which i usesas a second dnla server

Hi Riggs540,

Well you’re right. 

As I said, I found out that all routers do not behave similarly. 

At the time, I have 4 different routers : the one provided by my ISP, the WD N900, the Netgear WNDR4500 and an Apple AirPort Extreme. 

I can configure the Netgear to share the same address (i.e. 192.168.0.XX) as the router provided by the ISP as long as I do not use the same addres range (i.e. : the ISP router goes from 1 to 50 and the Netgear goes from 51 to 100).

This is not possible on the WD. If I try to change it’s IP address to be on the same kind of Network (i.e. 192.168.0.XX) as the router provided by my ISP. If I do so, the WD N900 simply won’t change it’s IP address and will get itself a self choosen one, like 

I can also configure both the Netgear and the WD to get their IP address from the router provided by the ISP (i.e. 192.168.0.XX) and the to redistribute their own address over DHCP on their own IP address range (i.e. : 192.168.1.XX). This, I can’t do with the Apple Airport. 

So, what I’ve done to be able to optimise the Gigabit Ethernet ports and USB ports, is that I let the WD N900 be the central one as it has 7 Gigabit Ethernet ports. 

The Apple Airport Extreme is configured as bridged. It’s IP address is entered manually to be on par with the address range of the WD N900 even though it gets it’s internet connection over a switch. 

Thus, I  can access the USB port and the config page of the Apple Airport Extreme even though I’m plugged into my WD N900. 

Now I will see if I can do the same with the Netgear, which would be interesting to take advantage of it’s 2 USB ports…