Wd n900 central 2tb router internal hdd/ remote access question

are the only 2 hdd’s that are supported for remote access and the android app to work,  the 1 & 2 TB? i know that you dont “support” answering questions about “popping the top” on wd products, if its outside the warrenty, we cant return them, so they are ours, we own them, to do whatever we want. so maybe if anyone smart enough to know could answer this for me would be alot of help. the hdds that are in the n900 central are obviously wd drives. why wouldnt for example a wd 200gb 2.5" drive let the remote access to work? is it written into the firmware that only the supplied hhds will allow remote access to work? ive taken the 2tb hdd and have it as an external drive to my laptop. the real life transfer speeds of the internal drive is too slow to allow me to use it internally. so i use a smaller gb size drive to store some files i like to keep away from my main external usb storage. like i said about the internal hdd transfer speeds are too slow, usb to router transfer speeds are also too slow realworld to even use it. im just trying to get some functionality, which im not getting from what i pulled out of the box when i bought it. cant blame the customer for wanting the functionality that was advertised, that made someone like me buy the product.

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