WD mypassport dying, pls help

I used this 1T mobile harddisk (3.0) for about 2 yrs. Most of time it’s used to play movies via media player on TV. Also store a lot of family photos since 5 yrs back without additional backup.

Suddenly when I intend to backup the photos, I found it had stopped working. I can find some icon in Devices & Printers. But it’s not showed up in Explorer as external driver.



In Disk Manager, I found below but can’t initialize this unknown disk. Is this the harddisk problem? or Only partition table problem? This device is still in waranty but I need to get the data out. Pls advise. Thanks.

Hello and welcome, 

You can try using another USB cable or another PC to verify if the problem continues, also be sure to connect the USB cable directly to the PC USB port. If the problem continues, it could be related to data corruption, you can try using a data recovery program; with the help of Google you should be able to find several options. Also check the link below for more information. 


Thanks for your reply.

I tried to use a new cable and it did not work.

I tried to connect to 3 different PCs (desktop, laptop) and it did not work.

I tried to connect the cable to the USB port directly and it did not help.

I googled and used one data recovery software and it could not detect the drive so it could not even scan harddisk and restore the files.

I will try to use the software mentioned in the link and get back on the result. Hope that works.

Recuva is not helping as it can’t find the dirve. As screenshot, the mobile harddisk is considered as an unknown disk. And right click I can’t initiate disk as well.