WD MyPassport 1TB making Noise

HI there,

Today when I connected my passport (WD MyPassport - 1 TB) to my windows PC, for some reason, the Windows PC got hung. Then waited for a few minutes (10 minutes roughly, with no luck), and then restarted Windows (using hardswitch).

But after the PC got rebooted, the passport started making noise and it wouldnt get mounted. I tried removing and checking on my Mac, and still the same noise (and didnt mount).

It has a lot of important data :frowning: and I am really trying to find out what can be done to restore my passport to get it back to working? Any help is really appreciated; awaiting responses.  Thanks a lot!!


See if the following link helps to identify the sound of the unit.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal