WD MyCloud twice the space required for files


I find my WD MyCloud requires twice or even more disk space when storing files. For example, I stored some folders with a total 26 GB, the disk space required was 84 GB!!

Is this normal?


SubChav wrote:


Is this normal?

Definitely not.   But how are you determining that it’s using 84 GB on disk?

Mine is doing the same thing.

And I just deleted over 200bg of data and my drive is showing the exact same open space capacity as it was before the delete.

I discovered copies of about 300gb worth of data in the “uploaded” folder (not the folder where I told the data to go) so now that’s all duplicated as well.

I have never been so frustrated by a drive in all my life, and if I had the money to replace it, I’d like to drop this off the tallest building I could find.

Why is it that people ask questions, and never get answers? If yours is doing the same thing, then why don’t you answer the same questions??