WD MyCloud Time Machine - asks to recreate a backup all the time

Continuing the discussion from Time Machine user - asks to recreate a backup all the time:

I have had the same problem; Time Machine back up to WDMyCloud (6Tb) continually asking to recreate backup. This commenced after the El Capitan upgrade. The frequency of the ask has increased with the shortest time gap now <2 days - i Had just recreated the first back up and almost immediately it has sent the message to recreate the back up. I have a MacBook Pro Retina 1TB.

Interestingly I also have a Time Capsule which is by others in the household with no such problems.

Haven’t been able to find anything useful on Apple forums. I note that the attached links got back to 2012/13.

Anyone any closer to the resolution of this ?


Hi, I would recommend you to contact WD Support and see if they have some more information on how to solve this issue.