WD MyCloud Safepoint Backup Using NAS as Destination


Using Safepoint to backup WD Mycloud to a NAS, the process is not actually backing up any data, it looks like it is stuck in a loop state .

Attempting to delete the safepoint , the Error response appears  

  • A safepoint operation is currently in progress. (402005) and suggests using the update option 

The update option is selected and only results “Waiting for Safepoints” message and the sun clock icon 

How can I stop the safepoint process as I would like to try the USB option as an alternative ? 

Is there a fundamental problem when attempting to using safepoint to backup WD MyCliud to a NAS ?  

Previous attempts have resulted in failure right after the copying of the last file ;  almost 24 houirs to backup about 1TB , is that a long time or what ? 

Help would be very much appreciated 


As a recommendation, perform a system only restore. Then try to delete the safepoint again.