WD MyCloud Remote Backup Errors


I have 2 x WD MYCloud EX2 (one at home and one at a relatives house)

I have set a remote backup each afternoon from one to the other.

Everything has been working fine for about a month (everything had synced 100%), but the last few days I get multiple errors (one for each share being backed up) saying Remote Backup Failed.

I decided to add a new test Remote Backup to see it that would work, but after I enter the password for the remote MyCloud I get the following -

Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test.

All shares/folders work fine locally on both devices.

Edit: I rebooted both MyClouds and the backup seems to be working again now. Thanks.

I think I’ve seen others complain about this issue here before…do a search for the term RSYNC on this board, or if no matches are found, go to the EX4 and/or Mirror sub-forum. I strongly suspect the backup feature using RSYNC is broken or buggy…but can’t confirm it, as I’ve never tried it. If you find other cases that matches your experience, then you know at least it’s not just you but a wider problem…and take that case to WD’s tech support.