WD MyCloud Red Light on!


My 4TB WD My Cloud showed a red light on it several days ago and is not accessible through the browser or via a network drive mapping.

I have tried the 4 second and 40 second reset and no joy.

I have got the HDD out of the casing and it’s a WD Red drive.

I have plugged it in to a USB reader which I have tested with another drive before to make sure the USB reader works.

The drive is not accessible. The access light flashes and then nothing. USB failure sound in W10.

I have installed DiskInternals Linux reader and checked Windows Disk Management (I’m on Windows 10) and still no joy seeing anything.

Does anyone know of any software recovery procedures I could use? All my cherished stuff is off there but I recently digitised a bunch of video files that I could redo but would take ages.

Any help / software advice etc gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

Try Paragon’s Extfs

If that doesn’t work, the drive is probably dead.